Capricorn (21.12.-20.01)


Capricorns are precise and methodical. Their thinking is extremely realistic and practical, so they become skeptical and distrustful. They often appear cold, unapproachable and show a lack of diplomacy. They have the ability to be in the present moment. They are often very quiet, don’t like to confide and avoid advice. They hate arrogance and boastfulness.

  • Element: Earth
  • Ruler: Saturn
  • Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 8,14, 19
  • Lucky days: Wednesday and Saturday
  • Capricorn woman: Cold, ambitious, creative, analytical, distrustful
  • Capricorn man: Dominant, conservative, inhibited, resentful, ambitious, serious, stubborn, contradictory, childish
  • Most compatible with: Pisces, Aquarius, Taurus and Virgo
  • Ideal careers: Administrators, ministers, managers, developers, engineers

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